Jan 29

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Even More New Printable Coupons

couponscom-logoGood morning everyone!!! I am so excited that we have a new weekend which means tons of new coupons for the week! Below is a list of all the new printable coupons from coupons.com. Keep in mind that most of these coupons will print with a 30-day expiration date which means you would have at least 4 Giant Eagle weekly sales cycles coming up so definitely print two of every coupon that you think you might need 🙂 Be sure to stay tuned for some new HOT DEALS at Giant Eagle…Happy Couponing Everyone!!!

***In addition, if you want to easily print more coupons from coupons.com, just go HERE. To print Redplum coupons, go HERE, to print Smartsource coupons, go HERE and to print Hopster coupons, go HERE.***


Grocery Coupons

$0.75 off any ONE Kelloggs Nourish Cereal

$2.00 off any TWO Kellogg’s Special Protein Shakes

$1.00 off any 2 Campbells Homestyle soups

Health Care Coupons

$2.00 off one Citrucel

$1.00 off one Gaviscon

$1.00 off one Vicks

$1.50 off any 2 Tums

$2.00 off one Robitussin Product

$2.00 off one Pfizer Pediatric Platform

$2.00 off one Prevacid24hr Antacid Product

$1.00 off one Ex-Lax product

$1.00 off one Gas-x Product

$1.00 off one Miralax product

$2.00 off one Benefiber

Household Coupons

$1.00 off any 1 Charmin

$1.00 off one Charmin

$1.00 off ONE Bounty Paper Towels

$0.50 off one Cottonelle

$0.50 off one Cottonelle

$1.00 off ONE Bounty Basic Paper Towels

$1.00 off any 2 Ziploc brand bags

$0.50 off one Puffs Facial Tissue

$1.00 off any 2 Ziploc brand containers

$1.00 off any 2 Ziploc brand Slider Bags

Personal Care Coupons

$0.50 off one Covergirl product

$0.50 off one Covergirl and Olay product

$2.00 off one Depend

$5.00 off one K-Y Duration Spray for Men

$2.00 off one Depend Shields or Guards for Men

$1.00 off one Gillette

$1.00 off one Daisy Disposable Razor

$2.00 off one GARNIER WHOLE Blends Shampoo

$2.00 off one Depend Real Fit or Silhouette

$2.00 off one Dependd Underwear

$1.00 off one Gillette

$1.00 off one Gillette

$2.00 off ONE package of Poise Pads

$1.00 off one Venus

$1.00 off one Venus

$0.50 off one Colgate Toothpaste

$1.00 off one Gillette

$1.00 off one Venus

$2.00 off one Poise liners

$1.00 off one Suave

$1.00 off one Suave

$1.00 off one Suave

$1.00 off one Suave

$1.00 off one Suave

Pet Coupons

$0.75 off any 4 Purina One

$1.50 off one Purina One

$2.00 off one Dog Chow

$1.05 off one Tidy Cats

$2.00 off one Tidy Cats LightWeight

$2.00 off one Purina One

$2.00 off one Dog Chow

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