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Smartsource Coupons


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  1. Connie

    I have tried everything I know, including following all directions, to try and print coupons from Smartsource, to no avail. I have used FireFox and Safari, downloaded the latest versions of Java for both, downloaded all updates, excluding the latest operating system, for my iMac and nothing works. There are some wonderful coupons I want to use from Smartsource; however, I am very discouraged that I’m unable to print them. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Emily

      Hi Connie and welcome to my blog! Can you print the and/or Redplum coupons, or is it just the SmartSource coupons you are having trouble printing? I posted a comment on the Just Giant Eagle Facebook page in search of help from other readers for your iMac printing issues. In the meanwhile, I sent you an email with some additional printing tips that I just found. I hope we can help you get this printing issue resolved, but don’t get discouraged though. Happy couponing and thanks for visiting my blog! ~Emily

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